About Me (updated 2019)

I read manga for fun and adapt/rewrite it to put a roof over my head (also fun, which is a plus!). I use my full name for credits, but “Ysabet Reinhardt MacFarlane” is quite the mouthful, so more often than not I drop most of it when I’m not wearing my professional hat. As of 2019, I’ve been doing this for well over a decade and have about 200 manga credits, and you can see the full list here.

(I also reviewed manga at MangaLife.com for two years, and links to those reviews can be found throughout this sorely-neglected blog.)

My training is in academic theatre (primarily playwriting and dramaturgy), with forays into studying screenwriting and Japanese religious traditions. In addition to the manga work, I do a variety of other proofreading and copyediting, as well as some transcription.

I did not, alas, have an actual cat named Segue once; I can’t even take credit for the phrase, which mysteriously entered my social circle’s vocabulary a couple years back. I do, however, have two hypoallergenic Siberian cats, which is a marvelous state of affairs.



  1. Hilori said,

    Thank you for the adaptation of MY love STORY!! I recently read the last volume in paperback. What a nice ride! Do you have a favorite character in the series?

    Japanese religious traditions also interest me. I would love to hear more, especially if you have resources recommendations.


    • Ysabet said,

      I’m glad you enjoyed MLS! ^_^ It’s such a great series. I probably like Takeo himself best, but I love all three of the main characters..

      I’m afraid I don’t have any resource recs for Japanese religious traditions–I loved the classes I took, but that was quite a while ago now. ^^;

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