A note about this space and my use of it

July 25, 2019 at 11:43 am (Uncategorized)

Despite how it’s set up, this little corner of the internet isn’t so much a blog as a convenient place to which I can direct people interested in seeing my professional manga adaptation/rewriting credits (conveniently listed here for your perusal).

I love what I do, and the work speaks for itself; good adapters, like good translators, are pretty unobtrusive; I hope you enjoy the results, and I also hope that when you’re reading my work, you’re not distracted by the constant awareness that you’re reading something originally written in another language.

(Once you’re finished reading, of course, it’s fun to think about the choices the entire translation/adaptation/editing team made in the course of getting that manga volume into your hands in English. ^_^ Everything about it is an art, not a science.)

In addition to my manga work, I also do other forms of proofreading and copyediting for people like the amazing folks at Sparkler Monthly, as well as audio transcription. But unless and until I pull together a shinier ~professional website~, that’s neither here nor there.

Go read some manga. It’s fun, I promise.

Ysabet R. MacFarlane


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