Backlogged reviews at ML

June 28, 2010 at 2:40 pm (reviews - links)

It’s been two months since I officially stopped reviewing for, and I was holding off on posting links to my final reviews there, but…well, it’s been two months, and I think there’re still two or more in their posting queue. So here are links to the most recent five, anyway, and I suppose sooner or later the rest of them will go up:

Beast Master vol. 2 (B-)
NANA vol. 20 (A+)
Sand Chronicles vol. 7 (A+)
Wild Ones vol. 9 (B-)
Vampire Knight vol. 9 (B+)


Today the news broke that Manga Recon is disbanding, since PopCultureShock is shutting down. :/ That’s a real shame; I’ve always enjoyed their collective reviews. I’m glad that several of the reviewers are still going to be easy to follow, especially Melinda and Michelle.

In other linkblogging, Telophase has a post on Visual Languages of Manga and Comics up at Hooded Utilitarian.


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