A bunch of new adaptations, and the usual review links

February 6, 2010 at 5:39 pm (reviews - links)

In the growing tradition of all the series I work on releasing new volumes at once, the last couple of weeks saw the appearance of vol. 18 of Sgt. Frog, vol.3 of Animal Academy: Hakobune Hakusho, vol. 5 of Phantom Dream, vol. 4 of Shinobi Life, and vol. 3 of Zone-00. Whew. That brings Phantom Dream to an end–the first complete series I adapted! (Well, not counting a very short one which got caught up on TOKYOPOP’s cuts a couple of years ago. Technicality.)


Have a bit of link-blogging, while I’m here: my friend Sean Gaffney has caved and started a manga review blog, where he’s been reviewing quite frequently. Sean really knows his stuff, so seeing him doing this formally is pretty awesome.


MangaLife has a new Editor in Chief as of this week, although Park, the former EiC, is still on board as a staff writer. Will this mean sweeping changes over at ML? Who can say?

I had only a few new reviews posted in the last month or so, but here they are:

Love*Com vol. 16 (B-)
Monkey High! vol. 8 (B+) (series finale)
Otomen vol. 4 (B-)

I also did a round-up of mini reviews at the end of December, which covered vol. 13 of Ouran High School Host Club (Bisco Hatori), vol. 2 of Black Bird (Kanoko Sakurakoji), vol. 7 of We Were There (Yuki Obata), vol. 15 of Kaze Hikaru (Taeko Watanabe), vol. 5 of St. Dragon Girl (Natsumi Matsumoto), vol. 6 of Mixed Vegetables (Ayumi Komura), vol. 12 of Crimson Hero (Mitsuba Takanashi), and vol. 14 of S.A. (Maki Minami).


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