ANB’s reviews of Phantom Dream, and new MangaLife review links

July 3, 2009 at 2:44 pm (other people's reviews, reviews - links)

A couple of weeks ago, AstroNerdBoy reviewed vol. 1 and vol. 2 of Phantom Dream, which, coincidentally, I just finished adapting a few days ago. (It’s a five-volume series, and the second one I’ve adapted in its entirety; the first was White Night Melody, although only one volume was released.) When he reviewed vol. 1 and wasn’t terribly impressed, I commented and said that vol. 2 is stronger than vol. 1, and happily he agreed.

I think I want to write a real post about Dream sometime soon, but today is not that day.


Quick roundup of my recent MangaLife reviews:
High School Debut vol. 10 (A-)
The Lapis Lazuli Crown vol. 1 (B) [CMX]
Tail of the Moon Prequel: The Other Hanzo(u) (B+)

I also wrote up a batch of short “what I’m reading” reviews, including vol. 6 of Monkey High!, vol. 13 of Love*Com, vol. 4 of Haruka – Beyond the Stream of Time, vol. 7 of Wild Ones, vol. 2 of The Magic Touch, vol. 13 of Inubaka: Crazy For Dogs, and vol. 3 of St. Dragon Girl.

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