Attempting some regular blogging, and joining the Twitter crowd

June 4, 2009 at 9:16 pm (reviews - links)

I only have one review in this week’s MangaLife update, but since I’m trying to get in the habit of updating more regularly*, I’ll be revolutionary and post it:
We Were There vol. 4 (A)

Also in this week’s update, Alethea and Athena talk about individual translation styles in their column. The Twins and I talk to each other fairly regularly, and our conversations often have to do with work and our respective working styles. I enjoy those discussions very much, and it makes me happy when they sometimes use elements of those conversations as springboards for part of their column. ^_^

*A bit of a challenge, since I usually don’t feel comfortable discussing work in detail and my reviewing for MangaLife tends to take up most of that corner of brain real estate.


This week I finally gave in and signed up for Twitter; Melinda kept making it sound like fun, and then at AN Sean Gaffney finished the job of talking me into it. So far, I think of it as sharing the one [1] feature of Facebook I actually enjoy, with none of Facebook’s attendant hideousness, so that’s a plus.

I’m primarily planning on using the account to interact with other manga industry folks/bloggers, so it’s had a fairly tight focus in its short life. Given that, it probably won’t be of much interest to non-manga fans, but there it is.

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