Catching up on a series, and a few reviews

April 14, 2009 at 11:50 pm (reviews - links)

Whenever I get sent a review copy of a manga volume that picks up well into a series I’ve never read, there’s a certain period of debating whether to just read it cold or try to dig up earlier volumes in order to give a more educated review. Sometimes I luck out and my local library has older volumes readily available, which is particularly nice when it’s a series I’d been meaning to check out anyway (Love*Com and Skip Beat! both come to mind).

Sometimes the earlier books aren’t as easy to lay hands on and yet I find myself unwilling to just jump into a series. That’s what happened with Beauty Pop when I got a copy of volume 9–it sat around giving me the evil eye until vol. 10 arrived too, and between them they made me put in the effort to track down the rest of the series. But now I’ve read vol. 1-8, so those two patient books will finally have their day in the next week or so…

Three recent MangaLife reviews:
Captive Hearts vol. 4 (C+)
Otomen vol. 2 (B+)
St. Dragon Girl vol. 2 (C+)


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