Shinobi Life vol. 2 credits and a heap of backlogged reviews

March 10, 2009 at 8:45 pm (reviews - links)

I’m still entertaining grand notions about posting more this year (preferably posts with more actual content), but so far I’ve spent 2009 doing a fair bit of traveling, so other things have fallen a bit by the wayside. Writing about and reviewing manga is fun, but working on it gets a higher priority, what with it paying (some of) the bills and all.

Volume 2 of Shinobi Life, one of my favorite titles to work on, just came out in the last week or so. I hope it gets as many good reviews as volume 1 did! (Volume 1’s reviews almost all began with a variation on “I wasn’t expecting much when I read about the premise, but this is surprisingly good!”)

I should note that there was a mix-up in the credits in this volume, however. Despite what the book says, I did the adaptation, and I believe it was translated by Lori Riser, who translated vol. 1. Editorial is aware of the error, so it should be correct in later printings. (The first printing credits Jeremiah Bourque as the translator and Jamie S. Rich as the adapter.)


I do have a backlog of reviews to link to, as usual. First, at the end of December my stack of review copies had gotten dauntingly large, so I contributed a “what I’m reading” article to MangaLife to talk quickly about some of the series I’d already reviewed earlier volumes of. That covered Time Stranger Kyoko vol. 3 (series finale), The Gentlemen’s Alliance † vol. 8, Tail of the Moon vol. 14, Haruka – Beyond the Stream of Time vol. 3, Wild Ones vol. 5, Kaze Hikaru vol. 12, and B.O.D.Y. vol. 4.

Regular-length reviews:

Captive Hearts vol. 2 (C)
Inubaka: Crazy For Dogs vol. 11 (B-)
Love*Com vol. 9-10 (B+)
The Magic Touch vol. 1 (B-)
NANA vol. 13-14 (A+)
Rosario + Vampire vol. 5 (B-)
S.A vol. 9 (C)
Sand Chronicles vol. 4 (A)
St. Dragon Girl vol. 1 (C+)
Tail of the Moon vol. 15 [series finale] (B+).


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