Pre-NYAF review round-up

September 22, 2008 at 3:02 pm (reviews - links, upcoming releases)

I seem to have great luck with cover art–the first volume of Shinobi Life looks pretty good. ^_^ Pink, but not overwhelmingly girly; seems about right for Beni.

Vol. 12 of D.N.Angel is listed on but isn’t showing up on yet, so for now the sidebar link is Canadian. I’m excited to be working on this series, now that it’s finally come off hiatus in Japan. I was only somewhat familiar with it before I did my research and read through the earlier English volumes, but I have several friends who’re fans, and it’s my first time working on a series that Alethea and Athena translate. (Well, that’s not technically true–CLAMP no Kiseki is a series, but I only adapted the last volume.)


I should link to my recent MangaLife reviews before I get too distracted by getting ready for NYAF. Five of them, all based on review copies from VIZ:
Blank Slate vol. 1 (B-)
The Gentlemen’s Alliance † vol. 7 (B-)
S.A. vol. 6 (B-)
Sand Chronicles vol. 3 (A)
Tail of the Moon vol. 13 (B)

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